Working together

Every Organization is unique and has it’s own training needs. Together we discuss and explore your own organization challenges and opportunities, and we develop tailor made trainings just for you. 
Our training presentations are spirited with real life examples; they show our passion for team building, leadership skills, quality customer care and most importantly are aiming to meet and exceed guests’ expectations.

Our Trainers

Ele Papapetrou

Ele is an energetic, positive and enthusiastic professional who specializes in HR soft skills and hospitality operations. Born in Cyprus and having lived in Australia for 21 years, she offers a proficient blend of diversity and business practices. 

She is a qualified level 5 trainer, approved by Cyprus Human Resources Development Authority. With 30 years practice in her domain and actively involved in hiring and training teams, along with achieving high quality standards within the hospitality industry for the last 25 years, she is considered to be one of the most competent professionals in her field.  

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Vaso Vardaki

A Professional Executive & Team Coach, Trainer, Mentor and Author. With more than 16 years of professional experience in the corporate environment and 7 years in leading positions managing teams and projects, Vaso has become a coach with deep understanding in executive, business, and team dynamics. 

Vaso has studies in human communication science, business administration, executive coaching and team coaching. She is a certified trainer and a professional certified coach (PCC) by International Coaching Federation. During her professional experience, continuous education and personal development, she managed to support numerous  individuals and executives to unleash their personal and professional possibilities using coaching and mentoring.  

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Some of our Previous Trainings:

You want your leaders to be able to understand leadership behaviours, learn the difference between a Manager and a Leader, make key decisions, empower, inspire others and lead by example. This the training for you!

Explore topics critical to developing effective supervisory skills. By the end of the seminar, the participants will be able to understand Supervisory behaviours, make every day departmental decisions, supervise everyday tasks efficiently, motivate & inspire their Team

On seminar completion, the participants will be able to understand the importance of verbal , non-verbal and written communication. They will be able to distinguish the payoffs of effective communication and how to improve their listening skills. Additionally will learn how to improve their attitude & behaviour, adapting the appropriate behaviour to the appropriate situation and understand the essentials in dealing with colleagues, management and the guests effectively.

The program is aiming organizations newly appointed Managers, Supervisors and Human Resources Assistants who recently attained these roles and wish to acquire innovative ways and management methods to lead their Team to exceptional levels.

Employees depend on each other to get ‘the job done’. Supervisors are to be able to guide, lead and motivate their Teams; together are to generate innovative ideas, provide outstanding services, prepare and upsell products, in an effort to achieve performance excellence and increase departmental revenue.

Employee Performance is crucial for the success of any business. Inspiration is the key to making people efficient. Clear communication and consistent feedback on completed tasks are successful factors in today’s world where workforces are often decentralized. Generating powerful communication channels is incredibly vital for improving employees’ performance. Recognizing Team’s accomplishments gives them personal satisfaction therefore boosting their productivity.

This training is about understanding the significance of being alert with every day challenges and conflicts at the workplace; strengthening ‘problem and conflict’ solving skills, enhancing  supervisory skills in conflict resolution techniques, minimizing conflicts & deadlocks, turn confrontational situations into welcome opportunities and deal effectively with passive and aggressive individuals. 

Regardless of the industry, almost every business desires to boost sales and drive healthier profits. One of the most effective techniques is up selling.  Educating Teams at the front line selling products and services, to advance their sales abilities & knowledge is paramount. At the end of the program the participants will distinguish ‘Sales Techniques’ along with the: Dos and Don’ts of up Selling.

Telephone communication is the ‘front window’ of the business; the first perception of the caller as what the organization’s standards are and what the organization is all about. Telephone communication is the first point of ‘getting close’ to the caller, and turn a potential customer to a return business associate. Train your employees on Effective telephone skills and get a great first impression of your business. 

Although there is never enough time to do everything, there is always enough time to do complete the important tasks. If you want your employees to be able to recognize the importance of managing time, understand the consequences of bad time management, improve their Time Management skills, realize the power of practical goal setting and will be given Tips and steps as how be organized and proactive, then let’s work together.

At the end of the program the participants will be able to identify learning objectives within their department, plan and organise their Training needs. Furthermore they will get a good grasp of why training is so advantageous and boosting Team’s retention; they will learn how to conduct ‘on-the-job training’, identify how adults learn, describe and apply training techniques.

All programs are custom made to meet organization’s needs; address departmental challenges, promote agreeable resolutions in an effort to enhance and grow organization’s potencies.

Specialized Trainings for Hospitality Industry

Introduction to the Hospitality Industry program covers the fundamentals of being part of the Hospitality Industry, the pre-requisites, demands, sacrifices, the potentials and the personal/professional satisfaction of being part of such a ‘Glamorous’ Industry. Understand the benefits & challenges of being a Hotel Employee, Career prospects, the importance of personal grooming & appearance, the traits & characteristics of a Hotel Employee, how to deal with colleagues & Management, and how develop professional contact with guests, colleagues and Management.

Employees’ overall performance is crucial to the success of any business. Supervisors often come from diverse backgrounds, with different mentality, lack of HR Management knowledge and skills. The necessary coaching for awareness on proficiencies are needed in order to assist them to prepare accurate schedules to meet departmental budgets with Team’s support and creating a ‘healthy-giving’ environment.

After the seminar, the participants will obtain the necessary knowledge and skills required to deal with guests’ complaints professionally, effectively and with confidence. They will also be able to define what a complaint is; understand why customers complain, follow the complaint handling process, analyse trends for continuous improvement, and understand the importance of ‘The profitable art of service recovery’.

After the seminar, the participants will understand the importance of excellence in guest service, how guests perceive quality service, learn how to deal with guests effectively, recognize guests expectations, how to exceed them and build long term relationships therefore high volume of repeat business .

Creating a positive, productive work environment, knowing how to prevent bad behaviors and competently handle negative toxic people, is an essential skill for every Supervisor. Recognize “toxic people’ at workplace, how to weakened negative attitudes before they spread, encourage open communication and boost Team’s moral; learn how to communicate positive & negative feedback, and always portray an optimistic attitude inspiring them to achieve desirable outcomes.

This job is no easy task. Waiters and waitresses balance a number of different responsibilities. They take orders, upsell, deliver food to customers, clean up, reset tables, take payments, are always on their feet and they are definitely required to be friendly, pleasant to all guests, colleagues and accommodating everyone’s needs. Being alert, brushing up on communication skills and customer care techniques is a dynamic task. This is the aim of this program.

Hostess is the ambassador of the restaurant; the window of the restaurant that a guest sees; the first impression. Hostess’s presence, personality and knowledge hold power at that front door. They begin the tone of the evening with a radiant energy. The restaurant belongs to them; it is certainly their responsibility to receive guests warmly and settle them in to their tables properly. Hostess must be comfortable using their tone of voice confidently. In a busy, chaotic restaurant, the hostess role is fastidious.

At the end of the programme the participants will acquire necessary knowledge and suitable behaviours that will assist them with their interactions in general; how to deal with colleagues, the Management and most importantly with Guests during service times. “Back of house” personnel, like Kitchen staff, are always left on the ‘back burner‘. The lack of such training, impacts negatively on the operation, the quality standards of the organisation and demoralizes the Team.

Room attendants are integral to the successful operation of a hotel; are required to have an eye for detail and provide service with a smile; are to make sure that each experience offered to their guests is as special as possible. By the end of the program the room attendants will be able to recognize the importance of providing outstanding Customer-Service, be active listeners and why acting promptly to guests needs, provide expert service and communicate in a friendly manner to all requests, is vital for the Hotel’s reputation and for high quality standards.

At the end of the programme the trainees will acquire important knowledge and skills that will assist them on their every-day tasks in a professional way and improving the operation of their department. Spa therapists should not only possess technical skills and product knowledge, but are to know how to behave in a professional manner with Guests, Management and colleagues alike. Guests/visitors are very demanding and therapist is to be trained in focusing on attention to detail when dealing with them, and pleasantly surprise guests/visitors by exceeding their expectations.

This program offers the development of customer service and guest conflict-resolution skills to Lifeguards, Maintenance and Security guards departments’ crew, who as ambassadors of the facilities must always have an attentive and professional approach. Any time they interact with guests, colleagues and Management, their actions should promote wiliness; convey trust, security, goodwill and genuine desire to assist. Lifeguards, Maintenance and Security guards Teams will learn how to interact successfully with guests/visitors and deal positively with daily challenges in a professional and accommodating manner.

Identify learning objectives within your department, plan and organize your training needs. Get a good grasp of why training is so advantageous and boosting Team’s retention; Learn how to conduct ‘on-the-job training’, identify how adults learn, describe and apply training techniques.