About Nisrine Rameh

Wedad Nazer

Partner & Chief Experience Officer at Dimam

Nisrine is the definition of a powerful coach. She asks the right questions; questions that can make you feel very uncomfortable. The uncomfortable that precedes transformation. Even after a few years, I still remember certain coaching sessions with her and their impact on me. A must repeat!

Alia S.

Nisrine is someone very inspiring and through her way of coaching I managed to add a lot of meanings to my life. My kids are very proud of me now. I went back to study. Now we study together, and this is something amazing. I don’t know what to do next but sure I will come back to her to figure out what is next. I am just enjoying the moment and being the best. Much appreciated Nisrine

Alexandra A.

I experienced coaching with Nisrine, and I can say it benefits me a lot. I changed my job, and I started my own business, it is slow and taking its time, but I am happy and fulfilled. Thank you Nisrine for letting me look at myself more seriously and stop making excuses out of fear. I did it and so can you.

Jenny A.J

At first, I was not sure that coaching might work for me. I tried it out of curiosity. After I started to be aware of lots of qualities and capabilities I have, and I find out that I can do a lot. Nisrine made me get out from my comfort zone. Experience lots of perspectives to find what good for me. And because of her way of coaching, I can say, I know what I want, and I can do.

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