Nisrine Rameh has a passion for helping women live extraordinary, powerful lives whilst still fulfilling their daily routines and challenges. The results of her coaching give women the motivation to enhance their capabilities, responsibilities and sustainability in their every day lives. 

Her Expertise lies in two areas

Nisrine’s unwavering courage enables her clients to go to the next level as she challenges them with love and understanding to be extraordinary and the best they can be.

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Coaching Languages - English, Arabic, French

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What Nisrine's Clients have to say:


Jenny A.J

At first, I was not sure that coaching might work for me. I tried it out of curiosity. After I started to be aware of lots of qualities and capabilities I have, and I find out that I can do a lot. Nisrine made me get out from my comfort zone. Experience lots of perspectives to find what good for me. And because of her way of coaching, I can say, I know what I want, and I can do.

Alexandra A.

I experienced coaching with Nisrine, and I can say it benefits me a lot. I changed my job, and I started my own business, it is slow and taking its time, but I am happy and fulfilled. Thank you Nisrine for letting me look at myself more seriously and stop making excuses out of fear. I did it and so can you.

Alia S.

Nisrine is someone very inspiring and through her way of coaching I managed to add a lot of meanings to my life. My kids are very proud of me now. I went back to study. Now we study together, and this is something amazing. I don’t know what to do next but sure I will come back to her to figure out what is next. I am just enjoying the moment and being the best. Much appreciated Nisrine

Wedad Nazer

Partner & Chief Experience Officer at Dimam

Nisrine is the definition of a powerful coach. She asks the right questions; questions that can make you feel very uncomfortable. The uncomfortable that precedes transformation. Even after a few years, I still remember certain coaching sessions with her and their impact on me. A must repeat!

"Master the genius in you. Reignite those sparkles of innovation. Fast forward to achieve your Goals. Face you fear discover the power within. Your journey begins here"