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I am a certified life coach and blog writer with a passion to help women navigate through the everyday challenges of family, personal and professional life. 

A hard-working expert in beauty services and a dedicated mother of twins’ have decade of experience regarding women’s expectations and aspirations for a fulfilling state of being. 

My mission is to help women not only to discover, but also enjoy the path to inner and outer beauty.

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by Katerina Kiousi

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Katerina’s gentle style and support always remind me to seek outer and inner beauty, to look for joy in every turn of the way. She guides each woman to find her answers by making the right questions as a mother ,a professional and a woman herself. After each session, you will feel valued, motivated, confident and happy. Joynnes is her message ,after all.

Contact Katerina at: 

+30-69 32 577 315 |