Anna Marangoudaki is a personal development coach, supporting her passion to bring out the best in people. She is a speaker and coach and hold a degree in counseling and an MA in leadership.  

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What Anna's Clients have to say:


Leah van Staden

Community Leader, Wales, U.K

Working with Anna over these last few months has been so incredibly helpful in my journey, she has helped me understand myself more and why I do what I do. She is an amazing lady, very nurturing, kind and caring and has the right questions to ask you. I found my time with Anna to be very safe and I was totally able to turn up and be me. Thank you, Anna.

Dimitra Bassou

Human Resource Manager Thessaloniki, Greece

The coaching I received was very effective, I could see that it was tailored especially for my case, and I could put into practice the change process immediately. Anna helped me focus on one thing at a time in a pace that was comfortable for me. Anna is an outstanding coach with a positive attitude and an attractive personality. She is courteous, companionate, and patient. I have enjoyed every second of our sessions.

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