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Vaso is a certified professional coach, mentor, author and trainer. She has extensive experience with managing teams and leadership in corporate environments as well as collaborations with multinational and large retail companies. 

As a professional leadership & team coach, she supports leaders and teams unleash their personal and professional potential, as well as companies to create a culture of trust and engagement.

Coaching Languages: Greek, English

Nisrine Rameh has a passion for helping women live extraordinary; powerful lives, while being at their best in fulfilling their daily routine and challenges.

Her work results in shifting women to one of capability, sustainability and responsibility. Nisrine‘s unwavering courage enables her clients to go to the next level as she challenges them with love and understanding to be extraordinary and the best they can be.

Coaching Languages: English, Arabic, French

Anna Marangoudaki is a personal development coach, supporting her passion to bring out the best in people. She is a speaker and coach and hold a degree in counseling and an MA in leadership. She helps overloaded high achieving women over 28 discover their strengths, uniqueness, and goals so that they can live life everyday with clarity and focus on what matters most.

Coaching Languages: English, Greek

H Κατερίνα Χριστοφή βοηθά ανθρώπους να βελτιώσουν τις διατροφικές συμπεριφορές τους με εξατομικευμένα διατροφολόγια, χωρίς στερήσεις, καλλιεργόντας έτσι, υγεία και ευεξία.

Υποστηρίζει τον συνδυασμό που επηρεάζει την ολιστική εσωτερική πληρότητα του ατόμου δημιουργώντας τη ζωή που αγαπά ο κάθε ένας. Ως coach συνδιάζει τη διατρφή με την προσωπική ανάπτυξη και οι πελάτες της πετυχαίνουν τα καλύτερα δυνατά αποτελέσματα. 

Katerina is certified beauty and family coach supporting mostly women navigate through the everyday challenges of family, personal and professional life. 

She is a dedicated mother of twins’ with more than 10 years of experience regarding women’s expectations and aspirations for a fulfilling state of being. Her vision is to help women discover their true self and also enjoy the path to inner and outer beauty.

Coaching Languages: English, Greek



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